Ball for All – First Press Release

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Cluj-Napoca, 1st of August, 2020
Babilon Travel NGO announces the start of the project
Project financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Babilon Travel NGO, our non-governmental organization active in carrying out international Erasmus + projects for the benefit of young people with visual impairments and those with low opportunities, known locally and internationally for its successful implementation of numerous social inclusion projects, announces the launch on 1st August 2020 of the project Ball for All, together with its partners from North Macedonia (Mreza za Dozivotno Ucenje) and Turkey (Karabaglar Kaymakamligi) and the local associated partner, the Highschool for Visual Impaired Cluj-Napoca. (more…)

BALL FOR ALL – A new project is starting

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End of May 2020 we received the good news, that our KA-1 project BALL FOR ALL has been approved and its starting date will be the 1st of August 2020. Our international partners in this project are Mreza za Dozivotno Ucenje from North Macedonia and Karabaglar Kaymakamligi from Turkey.

BALL FOR ALL aims to respond to the needs of visually impaired young people to be included in society with their peers, to be equally involved in education, culture, sports, social life, etc. Specifically, during the one week activity of this project that will take place in Cluj-Napoca, we will make the sports game goalball (the most popular ball sport in the world for the visually impaired, which become a Paralympic sport in 1976) to become inclusive, for our mixed international teams of the blind and sighted, girls and boys. The practice of sport will be alternated by debates on topics of interest such as the perception of people with disabilities in society, stereotypes and expectations of / from society, social inclusion. Read more…