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Empowering Young Disabled People to Take Action in Europe Training Course

This training course takes place in Urdd Glan Llyn, Wales, United Kingdom, between 15-22 December 2014 and aims to highlight how to engage with blind and visually impaired young people and support them to get involved into regular international youth activity. We invite participants (over 18 years old) from Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and the UK.

Candidates will learn:
– How to guide blind and visually impaired young people;
– Make adaptions to sessions that allow for inclusion;
– Find out about the range of different impairments and how this effects vision;
– Develop ideas for activities with blind and visually impaired young people;.
– Gain a network with partners willing to make activities with blind and visually impaired young people.

 During the training, we will build-up skills with participants as well as teaching about the different forms of blindness and impairments. Towards the end of the week, we will invite blind and visually impaired young people to come and enjoy and experience the facilities the center has to offer. This will then support the participants to get some hands-on experience in guiding and adapting activities round the young people abilities.

Candidates for this course are ideally those engaged in creating international exchanges and projects, but also young people with a passion to learn how to work with blind and visually impaired young people. We need each countries to send 5 participants each. The participants needs to be over 18 years old.


Act Global CIC UK
Asociatia Babilon Travel Romania
HYP Learning Greece
Associazione Studenti per la Citta
Autonomia e Descoberta, CRL Portugal
The Exchangeables Netherlands

The training course is financed by the EU programme Erasmus+.
There is no participation fee, The costs related to accommodation and food will be completely covered by the hosting organization. Travel tickets are refundable for the participants who attend the whole program and subject to giving the organizer all the return travel tickets and boarding passes. Maximum reimbursement per participant from each country is up to as follows:

Romania € 275
UK € 180
Greece € 360
Netherlands € 180
Portugal € 275
Italy € 275

The event is held in Urdd Glan Llyn, Wales, United Kingdom, in a beautiful residential center offering many indoor and outdoor activities, but the location is quite in a rural area. The closest airport is Manchester International Airport. We will provide group pick-up by bus from Manchester so will need your cooperation to arrive in the airport either before 12pm noon or 6pm so please find your flights accordingly. If you can only fly to London (or if flights to London are cheaper than Manchester), you can also take a cheap coach to Manchester airport. Visit National Express.co.UK or megabus.com to get prices. The bus from London to Manchester will take about 5 hours. We will be a bit more flexible with dropping off time from the venue to Manchester airport but it will be also twice a day (morning and afternoon). Please also take into consideration the times of getting your flight back in time. So for example if you need to go back to London then you need to plan to be dropped in Manchester, the bus to London and leaving yourself enough time to get the plane. It could be that you might need to come a day earlier or leave a day later. We can not cover this cost, but we can advise you on finding cheap accommodations.

Please also include £20 (about €25) calculated from your total travel costs, which we will deduct from your travel reimbursement for the cost of return group coach per person to pick you and drop you off to the airport.

If you wish to participate in this event, please fill the application form before 6th October 2014 from this link: http://www.act-global.org/application-form-uk-training/. Result notification will be 14th October 2014. If you are selected, you need to buy your ticket to Manchester within a week (and email us the e-ticket to vi@act-global.org) to confirm your place.

Please email office@babilontravel.net if you have any question about this event.