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Swim to Live: Adaptive Sport as tool for Inclusion

Swim to Live! is a collaborative partnership formed for an Erasmus+ sport project for the year 2017.

Our goals are oriented towards making a habit of regular swimming activities, gaining knowledge for swimming instructors, learning how to promote good practices, influencing local environment for club leaders and as a result, we will launch a certificate of competency – Swim to live license for instructors. 

On the project, we work as a collective of four EU countries comprising of sports clubs from Romania, Slovenia, Italy and Portugal. 

We want to spread the knowledge of teaching swimming and love towards swimming to previously non-active people by simply engaging them. Through this project we will educate swimming instructors and club leaders and provide 8 people per partner country free swimming lessons for 6 months with the hope that most of them will start to love swimming as much as we do and continue with their training even after the project ends.  4 of the Romanian participants are blind and therefor the training lessons will be also adapted to their needs.

Including the disabled participants in a mixed group of people with and without disabilities, will create the context of inclusion, interaction and socialization.

In June we will host an international swimming event in Ljubljana, where we’ll meet with our partners and their swimmers and other swimming fans from EU in Ljubljana. 


  • Sports Club Riba, Slovenia (coordinator);
  • Asociatia Babilon Travel;
  • 100% Aventura, Portugal;
  • My Sport, Italy.

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