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Effective Multicultural Team: Coming soon in Turkey

AkcakocaThe same location, Akcakoca/Turkey, but a completly diffrent project, Effective Multicultural Team, for which Babilon Travel NGO is acting as sending organisation.

After the suucess of the project Let’s Hug Each Other, that took place also in Akcakoca, our organisation decided to send 3 Romanian participants to the Erasmus+ project Effective Multicultural Team, that will take place between August 26 and September 3, 2016.

There will be 33 participants, age 18+, from seven EU countries: Latvia, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Estonia, Macedonia.

The aim of the project Effective Multicultural Team is to improve the team working skills of youth workers  in multicultural environment by using different non-formal education methods and to make the youth workers more aware on the processes in a multicultural team work.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • support  the youth workers to become more aware of team developing processes with an emphasis on multicultural international teams, especially if it consists from hard to reach young people;
  • discuss with the youth workers their experience in resolving the conflicts in teams and to learn the importance of conflicts in a team work, to apply different methods for manage conflicts in a team;
  • experience the  project phases together with the group during the training and to become more aware on tools which they can use to make projects in multicultural  teams more successful;
  • promote the idea of “Youth initiative” and to encourage the youth workers to share their ideas and develop international projects with multicultural teams in this field;
  • encourage the youth workers  to learn from their mistakes and to encourage them to find the solutions if something goes in different way as planned before;
  • make the youth workers more aware about cultural differences; to support them to learn from different cultures and to find the ways of collaboration with people from different cultures.

During the training course the participants will learn more on processes in teamwork and different methods to work in multicultural teams, as well as they  will work on development of project ideas and problem solutions for such topics as:  youth initiative, transferring the values of our society to the hard to reach young people and integration of refugees/asylum seekers in our society. As well as they will become more aware on main phases in project management.

Different energizers, group games, discussions, team building sessions, out-door activities and team coaching elements will be used to reach the objectives of the project and overall aim of the project.

The participants will improve following competences: cultural awareness and expressions,  learning to learn, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship,

The meeting games and cultural night will help the participants to raise the tolerance among  each other and their culture, the prejudice will be removed, their willingness to make friendships will improve, thanks to the tolerance they will develop towards different cultures and beliefs, they will wish to establish inter cultural dialogue. This will  feel that they are only one society in peace with each other. As a result of this adaptation the idea of long cooperation among the organizations will improve.

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