Erasmus+Sport for Sustainable DevelopmentTraining Course

Sport for Sustainable Development: Seminar in Bansko

SSD Logo OFFSport for Sustainable Development is a two-stage international Erasmus+ project, coordinated by Champions Factory LTD UK, that aims to gather 30 young people from 9 countries (United Kingdom, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia) in order to develop their skills on how to use sport as a tool for sustainable development. Youth workers will be involved and empowered to bring out the potential of the youngsters they work with and learn how to use sport and act as multipliers.

 The first activity of the project was a seminar held in Bansko (Bulgaria) in the period 18 – 25 April 2017, while the second activity will take place in Spain in September 2017.

The objectives of the seminar in Bansko were to:

  • Develop long-term partnership among partner organisations;
  • Explore the meaning, relevance and potential of sport as a tool for sustainable development of youth;
  • Explore and compare how NGOs within Europe work/approach/develop soft skills through sport in young people in order to provide the sustainable development of their areas/countries;
  • Develop new Education through Sport tools, to be added to Champions Factory Tools Book;
  • Teach the participants how to develop soft skills in youth through sport in order to ensure sustainability of the.

Participants to the seminar were selected due to the following criteria:

  • Gender Equal number of male and female participants;
  • All participants were over 18 and were able to use English as a work language;
  • Were motivated to develop their competences in the field of youth work;
  • Were experienced in the youth work and had knowledge on Sport as educational tool;
  • Priority was given to participants with geographical and economic difficulties;
  • Were committed to attend for the full duration of the course;
  • Had clear idea and commitment how will disseminate the project results back in their organisation and country.

Each participant received a Youth Pass certificate and was encoureged to complete the second part of it by her/himself, according to the key competences developed during the seminar.

The venue of the event was Park Hotel Gardenia in Bansko, offering not only all the necessary facilities and surroundings for the seminar and its sport and outdoor activities, but also a lovely SPA, free of charge.

Click on the download button to view/download the seminar’s timetable:

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The project is organised with the financial support of the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union and with the support of the United Kingdom National Agency from ERASMUS+ Programme Ecorys.