Act-Ion: New Training Course in Italy

Imagine similarăAsociația Babilon Travel is proud to announce that the brand new project “Act-Ion” was approved for financing, within the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project, a KA-1 youth mobility one, will be an opportunity for exchanging ideas and best practices among youth workers and educators from 9 countries. It will compare the different realities, the needs expressed by local communities and possible solutions applied to tackle the phenomena of social marginalization.

The project is focused on the idea of social cohesion, with specific attention on civic and social skills, strengthening participant’s confidence and soft skills and their ability to implement them in their everyday life.

The general aim is to promote the use of theatre as a medium to ease communication between young people, the sense of solidarity and, with the forum-theater and simulation techniques, to make possible an experience based path, which can help to reflect on the condition, lived by marginalized and bullied youngsters.

The main activity, a training course held in Fondo, Italy, during September 17-24, 2018, will use several non-formal education methodologies. Physical, expressive and theatrical workshops will focus on:

  • Dismantling of the existing social barriers in the youngsters contexts (schools, cultural and leisure centers, etc.);
  • Stimulating to active participation of every member of a group despite their socio-economic conditions, on easing communication, solidarity and inclusion between youngsters through the development of empathy, which is the first step to accept and understand the otherness.

In order to underline the European dimension of the project, participants will have to identify common values, share their points of view and identities with their peers from other countries. As a result is, not only the discovering of different cultures, but also the building process of future Europe, stimulating participants to discuss about topics that concern their communities, in order to find common solutions and give birth to new collaborations, developing a common sense of European citizenship.

The venue, Fondo, is a charming mountain village, situated in the northern Italian region, located about 40 kilometers north of Trento, For hikers and mountain-bikers the area offers spectacular trails on the surrounding mountains. The Canyon Rio Sass, a true canyon with occasional 50 meter deep spots, crosses through the village, which is full of picturesque houses. Looking out from a portico, you can admire the deep gorge through the rocks, where an iron trail leads up to Lake Smeraldo. Emperor Maximilian I founded Fondo in 1516. Two beautiful churches worth visiting are S. Martino and the age-old S. Rocco church. The frescoes on the façades of the houses in the historical town-center – dated back to the 16th centuries – are a special feature of the area.

Asociația Babilon Travel, as partner to the project, will send 2 participants to the training course, They should be:

  • Citizens or legal residents of Romania;
  • Age 18+;
  • Active in their NGO and are working, or intend to work, with marginalized youngsters, like disabled or those with fewer opportunities, immigrants, etc.;
  • Open to the needs and desires of youth;
  • Ready to share their personal and professional experience;
  • Able to use English as a working language, since this is the official language of the project;
  • Ready to attend all the activities of the training course;
  • Willing to disseminate the results among their co-workers, on their own/institution’s webpage, on their Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There is no participation fee required.

The candidates need to fill out the application form until July 16, ,2018. The selected participants will be notified on July 17, 2018. Afterwards they can make a travel plan and present it to Babilon Travel NGO. After approval of the plan, participants are encouraged to buy their tickets, as soon as possible.

According to Erasmus+ rules, the maximum reimbursement of travel costs for Romanian participants is Euro 275.

After sending their tickets and boarding cards, participants will receive the reimbursement of their travel costs once the hosting organization receives the first tranche of payment from the Italian National Agency. Food, accommodation and local transport for activities will be fully covered by the project.



  • L’Orma – Italy


  • Asociatia Babilon Travel – Romania;
  • Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia – Spain;
  • Coyote Initiatives CIC – United Kingdom
  • Foundation Ukraine – Poland;
  • Navarchos Votsis – Greece;
  • Network for European Citizenship and Identity – Cyprus;
  • Stowarzyszenie Miedzynarodowej i Miedzykulturowej Wymiany ANAWOJ – Poland;
  • Tudatos Ifjúságért Alapítvány – Hungary;
  • Udruga Gluhih I Nagluhih Nova Gradiska – Croatia.

For any additional information, regarding the project and how to apply, please don’t hesitate to contact us at