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Discovering Europe Together – Budapest


The “Discovering Europe Together” (Descoperim Europa Impreuna) DEI programme is a direct result of the international project “Value the Difference”, coordinated by Babilon Travel NGO and co-financed by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme.

The aim of this programme is to build the necessary bridges between the young people with or without visual impairments from both Romania and other countries, so that they:

  • can get to know each other better;
  • explore together the differences and similarities between their countries of origin;
  • learn and practice cooperation;
  • eliminate the barriers that separate them, barriers  which are usually due to ignorance, lack of information and fear.

In order to achieve these goals, the programme will implement a number of projects, each of them being centered on discovering an European capital by a mixed group of 16-18 youngsters, with or without visual impairments/blind. This group will meet with a local mixed group of youngsters, doing some inclusive activities together.

All the activities related to the DEI programme will take place in a non-formal learning environment, using outdoor activities extensively as appropriate tools for social inclusion. The programme will also extensively practice intercultural learning and, due to its set objectives, will develop among the participants the spirit of active European citizenship. All the activities will be suitable for young people with or without visual impairments.

The first project of the DEI programme was carried out in Bucharest (Official videoPhoto Album). There were 18 youngsters with and without visual impairment, coming from the High School for Visually Impaired and the Onisifor Ghibu High School, both from Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg/Kolozsvar).

The main activity of the second project, “DEI Budapest” will take place in the capital city of Hungary, between April 29 and May 1. Specific objectives of this project are:

  • A mixed group of 18 youngsters, with and without visual impairement, coming from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, will meet with a mixed group of youngsters from Hungary, in Budapest and will perform some (mostly outdoor) inclusive activities together, in order to know each other and to better understand the needs and expectations of visually impaired and non-visually impaired young people, both from Romania and Hungary;
  • The interaction and cooperation between the 2 groups of participants, will create the necessary framework for intercultural dialog/learning, exchange of good practices and for a better understanding of stereotypes;
  • Participants will create/improve abilities, attitudes and knowledge, regarding the planning and performing of a domestic or international journey/trip/travel, as individual or as a group;
  • The youth workers/leaders involved in the project, both from Hungary and Romania, will furthermore develop their competences in organizing and implementing inclusive youth activities involving visually impaired/blind youngsters;
  • On organizational level, the involved NGOs and partner institutions, based on their common work and exchange of good practices during the project, will establish partnerships for future projects and activities.

The indoor and outdoor activities during the international meeting in Budapest will be discussed, planed and scheduled by the partner organisations

Project team:

  • Gabriel Nagy – coordinator;
  • Carmen Trașcă – teacher at Onisifor Ghibu High School Cluj-Napoca;
  • Lavinia Mateuț – teacher at High School for Visually Impaired Cluj-Napoca.


  • Coralia NGO;
  • High School for Visually Impaired Cluj-Napoca;
  • Onisifor Ghibu High School Cluj-Napoca.

For more details or any other information please don’t hesitate to contact us: You can find us also on Facebook.


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